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Businesses urged to avoid Government’s flawed IR35 tool after contractors highlight concerns As the contracting sector closes in on 6th April 2021 and the arrival of IR35 reform in the private sector, it has come to light that less than one quarter (23%) would work with a client or through an agency that uses HMRC’s Check Employment Status for Tax tool (CEST) to assess IR35 status.  Recently conducted Qdos research shows that only a slim minority of contractors would agree
Seb Maley
Meet Seb Maley, CEO of Qdos. Seb takes this time to address mounting concerns within the industry and share with us what he believes the future holds for contracting. What insights have you gained from your 17 years working at Qdos? First and foremost, that contractors and freelancers are an absolutely vital asset to the economy. Organisations of all sizes rely heavily on their expertise as well as their inherent flexibility and ability to adapt. From the introduction of the
Take a look at a brief overview of everything that Status Review has to offer, including some of its handy new features. What is Status Review? Status Review is a complete solution for managing IR35 reform, nothing like the multiple-choice box-ticking exercises provided by others. Status Review combines case-by-case assessments of IR35 with an all-encompassing management system designed for hiring organisations and recruitment agencies. If engaging contractors under the off-payroll working rules, Status Review provides you with an accessible portal
Meet Nigel Nordone, our Head of Tax. In this article he shares with us a few insights from his time as a tax inspector for HMRC, alongside a few tips for agencies on the best approach to the 2021 IR35 reform. What exactly makes you our resident expert in tax? How does this help you in your day to day job? I have been involved in tax work and dealing with tax enquiries of various forms since qualifying as a
Seb Maley speaks frankly about IR35, reform and the future of contracting With around six months until IR35 reform is rolled out in the private sector, in an open and honest letter, our CEO Seb Maley focuses on the evolution of IR35 and the implications these changes may have on the future of contracting.  In this personal account, Seb assesses the landscape as the contracting industry gears up for the introduction of off-payroll changes on 6th April 2021 – a