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Why the implementation of IR35 reform in the private sector is not the end and HMRC will be keen to target wider employment status next Employment status involving workers using their own limited companies falls under the IR35 rules, which were originally introduced in 2000. The legislation has been subject to reform over recent years, the latest of which has just come in on 6th April this year, and has therefore garnered much publicity, aided by its neat and distinctive
Reflecting on this historic moment and the steps taken to support businesses After years of speculation, lobbying and then, against all odds, a 12-month delay, IR35 reform was finally introduced in the private sector on 6th April, marking arguably the most significant moment in the history of this legislation.  Following the reform, medium and large businesses are now responsible for determining the IR35 status of contractors. As part of the changes, the liability has been transferred to the fee-paying party
Our Head of Tax explores the wider implications of HMRC’s handling of an IR35 enquiry With businesses bracing themselves for the introduction of IR35 reform in the private sector, HMRC’s line of questioning in an ongoing IR35 investigation has raised further questions about the reliability of the taxman’s Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool.  These latest concerns have emerged after a tax inspector put forward 134 questions while probing the IR35 status of a contractor who I am supporting.
Amendments to the IR35 rules and what they mean for businesses With IR35 reform in the private sector looming, HMRC have published a number of technical amendments to the incoming rules that businesses impacted by the off-payroll changes need to pay close attention to. These updates were published on 3rd March as part of the Budget, in which Chancellor Rishi Sunak chose not to address the issue of IR35 reform in the private sector. As a result, IR35 changes will
A review of the promises made by HMRC in advance of IR35 changes HMRC have issued a briefing document ahead of IR35 reform in the private sector, outlining the tax office’s ‘compliance principles’, which include a raft of promises to help businesses comply with rapidly approaching changes.  By releasing this guidance, any remaining hopes of another delay to incoming reform, which will be introduced on 6th April, seem dashed.  The changes will see medium and large businesses become responsible for

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