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What exactly are contracted-out services, and how could they affect me? In this article, we will take a look at contracted-out services, also known as outsourced services, in a way that may better help you to understand this means of service provision and consider any associated risks. The problem surrounding the provision of outsourced services has undoubtedly become more prevalent in light of the off-payroll reform, introduced into the public sector from April 2017, and due to be implemented into
Chancellor said to be mulling over 5% increase to Corporation Tax  With the Autumn Budget approaching, it has been reported that the Chancellor is drawing up plans for a ‘£30bn tax raid’ that in some cases could see contractors and small business owners taxed at a rate higher than a PAYE employee.  Should Corporation Tax increase from 19 to 24% as speculated, it will see limited company contractors paying significantly more in tax (and in some cases more than employees)
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Orion Group is prepared for off-payroll changes and confident of its IR35 compliance One of the UK’s leading agencies for Oil and Gas, Life Sciences and Engineering contractors, Orion Group, is showing the recruitment industry how to successfully prepare for and manage changes to the off-payroll working rules. With thousands of contract workers out on assignment at any given time, Orion Group is one of a growing number of agencies that recognised the importance of preparing early for IR35 reform
Recruitment agency insurance There are plenty of pitfalls to running any business, including a recruitment agency. Your exposure to risk should always be taken into consideration whether you are just starting a recruitment agency or whether you are already up and running. We are going to take a look at the top 7 recruitment agency insurance policies. These are insurance policies that you should be considering to provide your recruitment business with the protection it needs to continue placing candidates
We analysed the approaches taken by companies in the lead up to IR35 reform 2020, which methods worked and which didn’t. This webinar is suitable for hiring organisations and recruitment agencies and will include: Examples of best practices: With the right approach to reform, businesses can ensure they comply with the legislation whilst minimising the burden and risk to the business and continue to deliver key projects. The impact of different strategies: Every business is different and will need to develop a