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Recruitment agency insurance There are plenty of pitfalls to running any business, including a recruitment agency. Your exposure to risk should always be taken into consideration whether you are just starting a recruitment agency or whether you are already up and running. We are going to take a look at the top 7 recruitment agency insurance policies. These are insurance policies that you should be considering to provide your recruitment business with the protection it needs to continue placing candidates
We analysed the approaches taken by companies in the lead up to IR35 reform 2020, which methods worked and which didn’t. This webinar is suitable for hiring organisations and recruitment agencies and will include: Examples of best practices: With the right approach to reform, businesses can ensure they comply with the legislation whilst minimising the burden and risk to the business and continue to deliver key projects. The impact of different strategies: Every business is different and will need to develop a
Vicarious liability for recruiters Vicarious liability is by no means an easy concept to grasp. There also appears to be a lack of information around vicarious liability for recruiters. With this in mind, we are going to keep things straightforward and help you understand how vicarious liability affects the recruitment sector and how any of this might apply to you. What is vicarious liability? The principle of vicarious liability applies where one party assumes responsibility for the actions of another. 
Meet Nicole Slowey, our Operations Director. In this article she shares with us her past experience with IR35 in both the private and public sectors and how this shaped her expectations for the 2021 reform to the off-payroll rules.   How would you describe your day-to-day role at Qdos? At Qdos, I am ultimately responsible for sales, marketing and operations across the business. Despite this, I have a particular focus on our Off-Payroll Services for client and agency organisations. My
Understanding where the liability for IR35 could sit in your engagement and how IR35 insurance might be make or break for recruitment agencies. As of April 6th 2021, the manner in which IR35 obligations are dealt with in the private sector will change considerably. IR35 obligations will no longer rest solely with the contractor. As we have seen in the public sector, it will become the end client’s responsibility to determine IR35 status. Both end clients and recruitment agencies are

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