An open letter to the market from our CEO, Seb Maley

IR35, Off Payroll Reform

Seb Maley speaks frankly about IR35, reform and the future of contracting

With around six months until IR35 reform is rolled out in the private sector, in an open and honest letter, our CEO Seb Maley focuses on the evolution of IR35 and the implications these changes may have on the future of contracting. 

In this personal account, Seb assesses the landscape as the contracting industry gears up for the introduction of off-payroll changes on 6th April 2021 – a moment that might prove to be one of its most defining. 

As Seb explains, from this date contractors will no longer be able to determine their IR35 status in the private sector unless they are engaged by a small business. The IR35 responsibility will shift to medium and large organisations, with the risk transferring from the contractor to the fee-paying party in the supply chain. 

After reflecting on the 17 years he has so far spent at Qdos, our CEO’s letter also details the steps that we are taking as a business to support contractors and help thousands of organisations get ready for April 2021. 

Seb also explores the important role that contractors will play in the economic recovery, urging businesses to avoid panicked and risk-averse policy decisions in response to IR35 reform, such as contractor bans and blanket IR35 assessments. 

You can read Seb’s letter on LinkedIn here.

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